Our Featured Artists

At The Art Makery, we work with a select group of highly accomplished artists. Their art is showcased in galleries, museums and collections throughout the world. All of our original fine art is hand selected and customized for your space. Please feel free to contact The Art Makery regarding any art piece you see on our website.

AC Oklahoma City
8.5’x72”x72”  |  Sculpture  |  Jonathan Hils

Nylon Rope powder coated steel
168"x118"x 260" | Fiber | Rachel Mica Weiss

77"x 20"x16" | Ceramic  | Brandon Reese

Deepening Journey
9' x 3'  | Handmade paper | Kandis Sousol

Oritatami Nendo: folding clay  | Ceramic | Jodi Walsh

White Wave 
60"x45"x3" | Wood Sculpture | Joe Graci