AC Hotel |Oklahoma City, OK

The art at the AC Hotel Oklahoma City features a collection of International artists.

Resurgence #3 relates to transitions and transcendence through whatever passages we take to alleviate the mundane aspects of our lives. The work alludes to focus, freedom, and potential to expand ourselves.

Murmuration, an installation of porcelain, glaze and gold leaf, draws on the tones of wood walls of the lobby and the landscape surrounding the city. The artist explores two clay bodies and combined terra cotta and porcelain, echoing the earth and sky that are split so beautifully in the Midwest. The occasional fleck of golden reflected light pooling in a small collection of the hand-sculpted pieces was included to capture the light pouring in from the front of the lobby, recalling the visual of sunlight moving along the Oklahoma River and surrounding bodies of water

Entwine represents the coming together of elements to create a visually dense and harmonic relationship between two forms through line and light. The work is meant to engage viewers to see subtle changes and movement as they experience the work from different perspectives and the entwined forms open and close against each other.